Good things come to those who rock

Learned for college today. At some point I took a one-hour break from cramming and made some cover art for my band’s soon to be released song “Ich hör nicht auf”. I dug up the cover art from the Shellac album “1000 Hurts” and made a pretty accurate copy of it in Illustrator. I just exchanged the band name with Colombin and the album title with the name of the song. I also changed the word “professional” to “avocational”. Because it’s true.
It’s my way of paying homage to one of my favorite bands. After I was finished with the artwork I dropped Steve Albini an email and asked him if he was fine with us doing this. He told me not to worry and that in fact this very cover itself was a homage to the packaging of the old Ampex tapes. He even sent me a link to a picture of a cellophane wrapped box of Ampex 434 tape. Man, not even Apple’s packaging has this much style oozing out of its pores. Everything about it seems so solid and firm, as if it were confidently grumbling the words “Son, go get the ax from the shed. We’re gonna build us a house, where your children and grandchildren will be save from the wolves and the vultures, and no scoundrel will be able to cave his way inside. It will be good.” And I’m just talking about the graphic design. How great must it feel to actually hold that box in ones hands, or to put such a tape on an actual reel-to-reel machine!
Very. Very great it must feel.