And it’s got plenty of dwarves AND midgets!

The day after tomorrow my weekend full of exams begins. And I will suck. I will suck a lot. Because I’m a fool. I’m a fool for thinking I could somehow learn everything I need to know for my computer networks class in between watching videos of Klaus Nomi and The Residents on YouTube. There’s no in between. Let’s face it: my soul has become a prisoner of the twisted land of The Interwebz, where the disciples of chaos govern over common folk, and weirdness—of the bewitching variety—pours out of every single electron with both a baffling permanence and rock-solid steadiness!
Anyway, I’ve been cramming all day and it made me think. I hereby pledge to take school seriously from now on and see it as an investment in my future. I’ll treat it as work and behave accordingly. I’ll see it as one more stepping stone toward receiving a Nobel prize and an Academy Award. Yes, I want them both. Doesn’t have to be both in the same year. Though that would be pretty awesome!
The song I mentioned briefly before came back from mastering on Monday and it sounds very good. Will probably release it next week.