Friday, New Haircut

Quit drinking two weeks ago, spent 45 minutes on my stationary bike every morning since then. I eat healthy and drink lots of water. Physically, I’ve never felt better. Mentally, I’m fine as well. But I’ve got some stuff to figure out. Priorities and so on.
I got my hair cut today. The man who cut my hair has been doing so for about 18 years. Every single time I have to tell him that my parents never got married. He’s a simple person, but in a good way.
Saw the third incident of a car driving in the wrong direction in a one way street this week. Never seen that before. Something weird is going on.
While tutoring, I googled the word “bug” to show pictures to a ten year old. While I was doing it, he stood behind my back. I felt uneasy about switching to image search with a kid watching. “It’s bugs!”, I thought, “What could possibly come up?!” I hit the search button and a picture of three ladybugs doing “it” came up. I quickly scrolled by it, so there wouldn’t be any questions asked.
Read an article about learning via retrieval practice, but didn’t actually learn at all. Today in a week I have to take two tests. The day after that I have to take another two. I’m going to suck.
Listened to a lot of music. I really have an insatiable lust for music at the moment.
Made reservations for a table for 14 people at my fraternity’s ball tomorrow. I had no idea I know this many people. But it seems that I do.
Had a really good and cheap sandwich for lunch. Cooked myself something nice for dinner.
A new song by my band is being mastered on Monday, which makes me feel giddy. Going to art-direct the shit out of its release!