A Thursday

Rode stationary bike for 45 minutes in the morning. I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks or so. Upped the resistance from six to seven on a scale that goes to eight. Really got my heart pounding. I’ll have to get a new bike though if I want to keep increasing the intensity. Anyway, watched Harvard lecture on building dynamic websites held by David J. Malan. I’m at lecture five. Learned nothing fundamentally new so far, but I’m picking up lots of useful tidbits that will make my life easier once I start building websites again.
Learned some for college. About two and a half hours in toto I’d say. Too little, but better than nothing. Cooked an amazing meal for lunch. No idea how I did it. Guess I’m gifted.
Recorded some vocals in the afternoon. Went surprisingly well.
Took my good headphones and my USB audio interface with me when I went back home from the rehearsal room. Then had a peanut butter sandwich and listened to lots of music. Peanut butter keeps reminding me of a friend from Vermont who spent last Summer in Vienna. Good times.
Worked some on a WordPress template for this journal in the past few days.
I REALLY need to call my mother, but somehow we’re both too clumsy to meet up on Skype. Makes me feel bad about myself.