Thursday, January 13, 2011

Has really a week gone by since my last posting? Suddenly I had nothing left to say. I was drunk once, which I regret. Not because I have promised myself to not drink for six months, but because it wasn’t fun. I attended church when my niece’s daughter was baptized. The priest was—surprisingly—a very good friend of mine. It was nice to see him again.
I worked out almost every day this week. I’ve started eating healthy. Lot’s of vegetables and lean meat, less carbs, less fat. I feel great, physically.
Mentally, my upcoming exams are causing me some discomfort. Today I conceived a study plan and started cramming. I’m already half a day behind, and it’s just the first day! But I’m not worried. I’ll make it up tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, as tomorrow is going to be a bit busy. We’ll see.
I tried to finish mixing a song I’ve been working on on and off for almost half a year now. I twiddled and fiddled with all the knobs I could find in my recording software and the song kept sounding worse and worse. Then my PC crashed and everything was lost because I hadn’t saved anything. Frankly, I was relieved.
Although I kinda sucked today, I feel strangely content—blissful even. Is this how sane people spend their days? Forgiving themselves? Drawing strength from kind and positive thought?
One of these days I should give my mother a call.