Back pain

I didn’t sleep all that well last night because I couldn’t find my meds yesterday. After I had gotten up at about 10am I tried to read up on database design, but I couldn’t really concentrate because my back hurt like hell. Maybe that’s because I’ve slept on couches so often lately. Anyway, I was tired and hurting and lied down. I even turned my mattress around because it has this soft spot and it was located directly under my back where it hurt the most. My back kept hurting so I wallowed in self-pity for some time, then I got up and gave myself a massage, followed by a hot bath. I feel a bit better now, but every now and then a fierce pain flashes through my whole upper body and makes me feel like vomiting.
I also have a bit of a cough.
I put the recharged battery back into my car today and brought the PA back to our rehearsal space. It had been in my car all this time since I left to visit my brother. I’m glad nobody broke into my car and stole all that stuff. That would have been a hassle. It’s nice to live in a place where you don’t get immediately punished for improvidence.