Month: January 2011

  • Good things come to those who rock

    Learned for college today. At some point I took a one-hour break from cramming and made some cover art for my band’s soon to be released song “Ich hör nicht auf”. I dug up the cover art from the Shellac album “1000 Hurts” and made a pretty accurate copy of it in Illustrator. I just […]

  • And it’s got plenty of dwarves AND midgets!

    The day after tomorrow my weekend full of exams begins. And I will suck. I will suck a lot. Because I’m a fool. I’m a fool for thinking I could somehow learn everything I need to know for my computer networks class in between watching videos of Klaus Nomi and The Residents on YouTube. There’s […]

  • Friday, New Haircut

    Quit drinking two weeks ago, spent 45 minutes on my stationary bike every morning since then. I eat healthy and drink lots of water. Physically, I’ve never felt better. Mentally, I’m fine as well. But I’ve got some stuff to figure out. Priorities and so on. I got my hair cut today. The man who […]

  • A Thursday

    Rode stationary bike for 45 minutes in the morning. I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks or so. Upped the resistance from six to seven on a scale that goes to eight. Really got my heart pounding. I’ll have to get a new bike though if I want to keep increasing the intensity. […]

  • Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Has really a week gone by since my last posting? Suddenly I had nothing left to say. I was drunk once, which I regret. Not because I have promised myself to not drink for six months, but because it wasn’t fun. I attended church when my niece’s daughter was baptized. The priest was—surprisingly—a very good […]

  • Friday, January 7, 2011

    Today I got up at 7:15am, had some coffee, read some news. Then did cardio for 45 minutes followed by a shower. Then German lesson with a Romanian kid, who I think is smarter than he looks. Bought some food. Back home I prepared myself lunch and then had a 30 minute nap. Then I […]

  • Today kinda sucked

    It didn’t suck a lot, but some. I got very little done. Got caught up in reading news on the Internet and didn’t really get into a rythm for productive work. I did a bit for school and I practiced some guitar. I also learned some basic SQL commands, which I already learned about three […]

  • Almdudler is the name of a soda

    Got up at around 10am. Made breakfast. Reinstalled XAMPP on my PC because the MySQL part was pooched. Procrastinated some. Ironed shirts for a couple of hours. Gave private lesson. Bought some food for the diet I’m going to go on tomorrow and a pound of fancy coffee from Chile. Came home and made spaghetti. […]

  • Back pain

    I didn’t sleep all that well last night because I couldn’t find my meds yesterday. After I had gotten up at about 10am I tried to read up on database design, but I couldn’t really concentrate because my back hurt like hell. Maybe that’s because I’ve slept on couches so often lately. Anyway, I was […]

  • Back from normality

    For the past two weeks I’ve been almost constantly surrounded by people. First by my brother’s family, with whom I spent Christmas. Then by friends, celebrating the New Year. I had a couple from Croatia over for a few days who I showed around my hometown and Vienna. I think I was a good host. […]