Bugs ‘n stuff

I’m stuffing myself with food here, and I enjoy it a lot.
I watched my niece at her track and field training. She’s really lank and the smallest kid in her group. As I was watching her, it seemed to me that she is one of the more adept kids. But I guess my affinity to her might have distorted my perception a bit.
My brother has been an Apple user for about 15 years. He’s never complained about anything computer related. A couple of months ago he purchased a Lenovo notebook so he could browse the web in his living room without having to go into his home office and sit down in front of his iMac. It’s already sluggish as hell and gives him and his wife grief to no end. I’m not an Apple fanboy, as a matter of fact I’m quite content with using Windows 7. But I do think that Apple computers are easier to maintain and less frustrating for the average consumer. I tried to fix my brothers notebook for hours yesterday, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pave it and reinstall Windows, as this will probably take a lot less time than fixing the existing installation.
I got all the Christmas presents for my brothers family yesterday. I still have to wrap them. Tomorrow is the big night, at least for the kids. I know what they are going to get from their parents, and I predict that they will go nuts with joy.