Talking ‘bout them generations

While I am writing this, my niece is reading a story to her parents. She’s had a concert today where she played the flute. She was really good, I was genuinely impressed.
The kids are great. When they were still toddlers I didn’t really “get” why anybody would want to have children. Now they are a bit older, and funny as hell. It’s amazing to watch them grow, both physically and mentally. I ask them what they do in school and kindergarten, and they tell me with great excitement. I can’t help but get the feeling that children today are treated in a much healthier way by both parents and teachers than my generation was. I predict that they’ll generally have much higher self-esteem as a result. Witnessing this makes me optimistic.
I did some of my overdue homework today. Research on the Internet about user privileges on various operating systems. Not hard to understand, but a hassle to find and structure. Annoying stuff. I guess you could brashly call it a waste of time.