Behind the wave

I feel like I’d been hustling all day, but to be frank I didn’t really get out of bed till half past 12pm. (Sometimes it seems to me that sleep is my enemy, in that I need a lot of it, which really bugs me.) I’ve been busy since then though, first with tutoring and then with getting the PA out of our (Colombin’s) rehearsal space and into my car, which was a hassle because I’m wimpy and haven’t eaten anything today, but I managed.
I am now waiting for my ravioli to be done cooking and then off I go setting up the stage for tonight and having fun.
In other news, Yahoo! closed down the social bookmarking site Delicious, which has caused an uproar in the hacker community. Many make Delicous out to be an important founding pillar of the Web 2.0, which makes me wonder why I never really checked it out when I still had the chance to. I’m retro-angry at myself.