The pains of a magical man

I’ve been working on my performance for tomorrow all day. I listened to songs, sang along, played them on my guitar, made notes, etc.
The fingertips on my left hand hurt like hell. I haven’t played my acoustic guitar with the 12-gauge strings in ages. Most of the callus is gone, so holding chords and making them sound clean is painful. But I’m happy to be making music again, so the pain’s well worth it.
I went to my neurologist today. He said he was impressed by how much I have changed since he first met me. He’s right. I’ve turned from lame sissy into badass. Seriously, I feel lucky for the people who know me.
Getting to my doctor was painful though. It’s -11°C/12°F tonight and windy, too. Felt like pins piercing through every part of my skin that wasn’t covered in cloth. Ugly.