Practice makes adequate

Had a good night’s sleep from 3am to 11am. I feel great.
Today I will concentrate on tomorrow’s concert. Consolidating all the lyrics for the songs, printing them out with big fonts so I can read them on stage without straining my eyes. Yeah, I know it looks dorky to have a music stand on stage, but there is no way I could learn the lyrics for 15 songs till tomorrow, and nobody seemed to mind in the past, so I’ll just go with it.
Then I’ll practice the songs I don’t know how to play yet. Maybe I’ll have to drop one or two songs if I can’t find a way to interpret them gracefully. Most of the songs are easy to play though.
I got a newsletter from today in which they point to a discussion with David DeGusta and Henry Gilbert on the subject of the evolutionary function of artistic expression. One of them suggests it might be a tool to promote organization, the other one says it’s about getting laid. I certainly have already formed my opinion on it, but if I find some time today, I’ll watch it.