Sleeping Hullabaloo

I have never been a good sleeper, and about three years ago my neurologist prescribed me some medication that would help me fall asleep at night. After some dosage adjustment and habituation this worked quite well for me. I now enjoy a deep and refreshing sleep on a regular basis.
However, I do sleep very long at night since being on medication. And it seems harder for me to snap out of sleep and be alert quickly, too. Those things bug me somewhat. So yesterday I tried to go to bed without any aids, and lo and behold!, it took me a bit longer than usual, but I fell asleep rather smoothly and didn’t wake up every ten minutes afterwards either.
Since I went to bed at about 3am (very late for me, but I still felt very energized up to that point) I had trouble to get going when I got out of bed at about 9:30am. On the other hand it didn’t take me as long as usual to reach a state of high alertness afterwards, a state I could keep up until late afternoon, when suddenly I crashed and had to lie down for a couple of hours.
Overall, I like how I’ve felt today. And after my two hour nap I got a lot of work done for college. I’ve got at least two or three hours more of productivity in me right now. And that’s my problem. I don’t seem to be compatible with a normal circadian rhythm, so the times when I’m awake and asleep constantly shift around. My meds helped me keeping a regular (well, let’s call it “normal”) sleeping pattern. I don’t know if this is something I can establish without any chemical help. I have an appointment with my neurologist tomorrow and will discuss this with him.