Epic proportions

For the last three hours I have been browsing songs on Youtube for my solo concert on Friday. I’ve found some songs, tried to sing them, and it mostly went well. My voice is suddenly in good shape again. Not in great shape, but useable. I’m not worried anymore that I won’t be able to perform at all, that I would need to cancel everything, which I was—for a few seconds at least—seriously considering.
I’m now at 13 songs, which would be about twice as many songs as I’ve had in previous Christmas concerts. One of my friends won’t be able to be there on time. I’ve promised her to extend my time on stage as much as possible, so that she can at least listen to the last few songs.
My father had a genius idea how I could relief some of the stress I’ve been feeling because of all the errands I need to run before Christmas. For some reason I thought I had to buy the Christmas presents for my brother before visiting him. But I’m going to go on the 20th, so there will be some time left to get presents when I’m there. Surely no one else will be buying stuff so shortly before Christmas, so it will be smooth sailing from there. Right?