Attention to Detail

I’m done with one of my assignments. I guess I could have finished it in less than half of the time I needed if I weren’t obsessed with layout and typography. I wonder if I’m the only student at my college who uses the Caslon font-family for his homework. I also wonder whether my professors—upon opening my documents—think I’m elegant and sophisticated or a pretentious sycophant.
On a side note, yesterday I started using the Vim text editor (almost) exclusively for writing code, forcing myself to do as much as I manage to do without the help of a “normal” editor. The pain is quickly going away though, and there have already been moments of pure bliss while using it. My muscle memory learns fast, I already subconsciously try to use Vim commands in other applications and find maneuvering with my mouse or arrow keys increasingly exhausting and frustrating. Good times!