Too tired to kick ass

After having a snack and watching some Youtube I installed Altova XMLSpy which offers a trial period. It has the functionality I have been looking for in addition to tons of other stuff I won’t ever be able to fathom, let alone need. I thought a tool that parsed an XML file and generated a DTD from it would be easy to implement and found on the internet by the dozens. Obviously, I was wrong. Or maybe no one bothers because XML Schema is much more popular and almost always prefered over DTD? I don’t know. I could google it, but I’m tired and I don’t really care.
So, after looking at the file that XMLSpy spat out, I realize I really shouldn’t have wasted so much time on finding a tool for doing my homework. It’s a trivial job, and I need to modify the generated file anyway. Successfully procrastinated under the guise of productivity once again. Bravo!
Guess I’ll write a couple of letters now, put them into padded envelopes together with some presents and bring them to the post office first thing tomorrow morning. Oh my! Why do the holidays always have to sneak up on me? Why am I unable to grasp the concept of calendars? I hope this is a problem geniuses generally have, because that might mean I’m a genius.