Month: December 2010

  • Christmas 2010

    So one of my nieces got a Nintendo DS for Christmas yesterday. It’s something she’s been asking for for three years. When she opened the parcel and saw what she got, she freezed for a moment and then jumped into her mother’s lap and clung to her for five minutes in overwhelmed silence. She had […]

  • Bugs ‘n stuff

    I’m stuffing myself with food here, and I enjoy it a lot. I watched my niece at her track and field training. She’s really lank and the smallest kid in her group. As I was watching her, it seemed to me that she is one of the more adept kids. But I guess my affinity […]

  • Talking ‘bout them generations

    While I am writing this, my niece is reading a story to her parents. She’s had a concert today where she played the flute. She was really good, I was genuinely impressed. The kids are great. When they were still toddlers I didn’t really “get” why anybody would want to have children. Now they are […]

  • A tale about self-effacement

    Slept at Bernd’s place. Got up early, then went on an 8 hour train trip to my brother and his family, where I am going to spend Christmas. Spent about half of the trip dozing and the other half staring out the window or studying for law. The trip was very pleasant. I shared a […]

  • A whole day of sucking

    Concert went well. Not as great as the previous ones, but okay. It took me longer than usual to get in the “zone”, then again I rarely make music at home anymore, so I’m simply lacking practice. Two very close friends of mine who live in Vienna showed up at my gig as a surprise, […]

  • Behind the wave

    I feel like I’d been hustling all day, but to be frank I didn’t really get out of bed till half past 12pm. (Sometimes it seems to me that sleep is my enemy, in that I need a lot of it, which really bugs me.) I’ve been busy since then though, first with tutoring and […]

  • The pains of a magical man

    I’ve been working on my performance for tomorrow all day. I listened to songs, sang along, played them on my guitar, made notes, etc. The fingertips on my left hand hurt like hell. I haven’t played my acoustic guitar with the 12-gauge strings in ages. Most of the callus is gone, so holding chords and […]

  • Practice makes adequate

    Had a good night’s sleep from 3am to 11am. I feel great. Today I will concentrate on tomorrow’s concert. Consolidating all the lyrics for the songs, printing them out with big fonts so I can read them on stage without straining my eyes. Yeah, I know it looks dorky to have a music stand on […]

  • Sleeping Hullabaloo

    I have never been a good sleeper, and about three years ago my neurologist prescribed me some medication that would help me fall asleep at night. After some dosage adjustment and habituation this worked quite well for me. I now enjoy a deep and refreshing sleep on a regular basis. However, I do sleep very […]

  • Epic proportions

    For the last three hours I have been browsing songs on Youtube for my solo concert on Friday. I’ve found some songs, tried to sing them, and it mostly went well. My voice is suddenly in good shape again. Not in great shape, but useable. I’m not worried anymore that I won’t be able to […]